How To Choose A Swimming Pool Contractor

Are you finally ready to build your own American dream? If you’re like most of us then you’ve dreamed of sitting around your beautiful custom pool in your own backyard. BBQ’ing a burger and sipping on your favorite drink with your closest friends and family while the admire the beautiful masterpiece which you’re lucky enough to call your backyard.

Unfourtanitly, if you don’t take the time to do your research. Your dream can quickly turn into your worst nightmare. Choosing the right contractor is probably the single most important decision you’re going to make when building your custom pool.

What Questions To Ask When Choosing A Swimming Pool Contractor?

Do you have references?

Don’t just ask for pictures. Make sure you ask for contact information as well. If they try to tell you they can’t share any references due to privacy issues; they are lying.

How many pools did you install last year?

Easy enough question, right? Every pool guy will quickly tell you the answer to this question. A lot of them will even round up in an attempt to sound larger or impress you.

Now, once the contractor has told you how many pools they built last year. Your next question will help you figure out their honesty and customer satisfaction rate.

May I see you reference list from last year then?

Let’s assume the contractor said he installed 14 pools in 2014

If this is the case, and you only get, say, 7 references, then this essentially means one thing– A 50% satisfaction rate. Exactly how do you feel about those odds?

As I’ve discussed this simple contractor qualification tactic over the years, I’m constantly astonished at how many consumers have told me, “Preston, the contractor tells me that he’s not allowed to give out the names due to privacy.”

Again, this is a lie.

In over 10 years of building swimming pools, our company has not ever had somebody tell us their name couldn’t be on our reference list. Think about that for a second. Over 300 names and not a single person has told us ‘NO’.

Surely there is someone in your area that is willing to be honest and transparent with their business. By taking these steps, you’ll not only save yourself a lot of headaches but a lot of money too!

So be smart my friends, and follow this advice when choosing your swimming pool contractor. Trust me, it works.